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Quincy, Illinois: Hotel/Motel Revenue

Linda Moore
Treasurer of the City of Quincy, Illinois

With Azavar and Localgov, Quincy Increases Revenues and Recovers Thousands in Hotel/Motel Tax

Quincy, Illinois is a historic City located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River. For nearly 200 years, this remarkable town has served as a major crossroads of the Midwest due to its central location along the river. Today, Quincy’s past is reflected in the City’s celebrated historic districts, museums, restaurants, and arts organizations.

Given all that Quincy has to offer, it is no surprise that hospitality is one of the town’s major industries. As a long-term strategy to strengthen its community, Quincy began looking for ways to find and refine new and existing revenue streams. The City had been investigating Airbnb, as well as food and beverage taxes when they connected with Azavar, a leader in wholistic tax revenue management in the U.S.

“We knew we needed a company with experience and convenient, cost-effective solutions,” said Dr. Linda Moore, treasurer for the City of Quincy. “I had seen and read about what Azavar had done in other cities, and I saw that the company was willing to be our partner in recovering lost revenue streams and identifying new opportunities for our City.”

After exploring its services and solutions, Quincy decided to partner with Azavar to recover missing revenues and identify holes that had developed in its existing hotel/motel and short-term rental revenue streams.

Quincy's Challenge: Finding the Money

Before Azavar and Quincy began working together, the City’s ability to audit revenue was lacking. Like many municipalities, there was no formal system in place to conduct audits, which resulted in stress and led to lost revenues—particularly hotel/motel and short-term rental taxes. Quincy’s finance department needed to research and find its missed revenues, but it did not have the time or the considerable resources necessary to manage the comprehensive audit required to resolve this issue. So, Moore and the City’s finance department turned to Azavar.

Azavar’s revenue review process helped Quincy eliminate short-term housing ordinance ambiguities, streamline their tax filing and collection process, and recover $20,968 in missing hotel/motel and short-term online rental taxes—an overall 2% increase in hospitality tax revenues.

According to Dr. Moore, Azavar’s “experience, knowledge, and commitment to service” made it possible for Quincy to identify “new revenue that we could not have found on our own.”

The Next Step: Maintaining the Growth

Beyond finding missing revenues, Quincy wanted to ensure compliance and efficiency moving forward. It again turned to Azavar to help.

The whole operation is like clockwork. Localgov saves our taxpayers time and energy and provides an invaluable resource for information and referrals. I don’t know that I have had any other vendor, client, software company or partner in my 40 years of professional experience that has been so exceptional at their job.”

Linda Moore
Treasurer of the City of Quincy, Illinois

Through its partner software service, Azavar offers Localgov, a platform that brings locally imposed and administered taxes and fees such as hotel, food and beverage, and vehicle sticker collection into the 21st century, with user-friendly online registration, filing and payment.

Localgov helps local businesses stay compliant and removes revenue slippage for local governments. Local businesses are the backbone of Quincy, so supporting them is a top priority. Using Localgov, Quincy saved businesses time, energy and money while providing them with an easy and convenient tax filing experience.

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