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 As a local leader, your first priority is a strong community. LocalGov is the innovative new approach you can bring to help your businesses grow, and ensure your local services and programs are supported –
all easier than ever before.

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Tax and Fee Administration

Less Hassle, More Benefits for Everyone   

Don’t let local tax collections slow down your community and your businesses any more. A LocalGov partnership means no paperwork, and faster tax payments with an innovative, simple and streamlined system. And your employees and your businesses can get back to doing the work that really matters.

  • User friendly for local governments & businesses
  • Integrates with your ERP/GL/financial software
  • Works across multiple jurisdictions — nationwide
  • Ensures compliance
  • One-on-one customer service and support
Tax & Fee Administration
Insights & Analytics

Learn what’s working and what needs work for your businesses

Don’t get lost anymore in mountains of meaningless data. LocalGov makes it incredibly easy to see how well your local businesses are doing, and helps you flag problems. When you have questions about what our analytics are telling you, our expert team is standing by to help you quickly find meaning and insight that will bring your community together.

  • Sales, Use, and Occupation tax analytics
  • Government reporting, forecasting and budgeting
  • Tax spend tracking, history and benchmarking for businesses
  • Measure against other local area, county, state and federal taxes
  • Action alerts immediately identify issues to be addressed
  • Expert consultants ready to meet your needs
Tax Rebates & Exemptions

Build trust in your community

Taxpayers and businesses want assurances that their tax dollars are being spent wisely. LocalGov will help you create the essential accountability to account for every tax dollar. And when the data calls for taxpayers to get money back through refunds and exemptions, LocalGov automates the process to make getting money back hassle free while building that trust you need.

  • Sales, Use, and Occupation taxes
  • Property tax
  • Utility tax
  • Local government exemption monitoring
  • Multi-jurisdictional exemption management for businesses
  • Backed by professional services team
Customer Service

Change how your community thinks about government

You take pride in putting your constituents first, but government isn’t known as the king of customer service. Partner with LocalGov to change the playing field. We’ll make it easier, faster and smoother to bring in revenue and help local businesses, and you’ll make your neighbors jealous.

Our Mission

LocalGov knows notifying and collecting local taxes is a burden on your employees and your businesses. But it doesn’t have to be. Partner with us to bring in the revenue you need to support local services easier, faster and more efficiently, and build the relationships and trust with local businesses and taxpayers that will bring your community together.


Our City Clerk had very little extra work to do she was really thrilled with the application.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

While we are pleased with the number of citizens who took advantage of the program during its first year, we believe that participation will increase in the future as we continue to advertise this opportunity.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

They were very responsive, timely, and just as excited as we were to launch this new product. I really appreciated the constant support and communication.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

The benefit would be that there has been times in the past where the mail has either been lost or has not been received on time, and we ran into fees—issues—so being able to do it online—it was automatically processed.

- Erin Lemke, Accountant for Darcy Hyundai, Joliet IL

Why Localgov?

Localgov can make your work life easier and help your community run smoother.

Say goodbye to paperwork

Localgov can completely automate your tax process making paper tax filing systems obsolete. 

Save time

Stop chasing businesses in your community for tax money. Keep track of remittance with Localgov's software. 

Create customizable tax forms

Create tax forms specific to the needs of your community.

Ensure compliance

Monitor tax filing status of businesses within your community.

Increase Revenue

By ensuring compliance Localgov guarantees you will receive all the money you are  owed. 

Strengthen relationships with your businesses

By improving communication with businesses you can improve those relationships within the community.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Automate tasks that would otherwise take you hours of time and effort to complete. 

Track results

Follow the results and trends of your community's tax revenues in a variety of given time periods

One on one Support

Our exceptionally skilled and extremely knowledgeable customer service staff will be at your disposal for a very personal customer service experience.

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