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Short-Term Rental Monitoring and Compliance

Localgov's tax compliance software and service helps local governments more effectively manage their transient rental market while connecting staff and hosts with consumer-style tools.

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Short Term Rental

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The Problem

The short-term rental industry is thriving across the country, bringing both opportunities and challenges for local governments. The promise of increased tax revenue from short-term rentals can be significant. However, local governments must have solutions in place that tackle legal hurdles, help ensure compliance, enforcement, and monitoring, and facilitate easy remittance.

The Solution

Localgov provides local governments with augmented revenue-management capabilities. Our holistic approach helps communities fully understand and nurture the short-term rental market. What makes Localgov different? We do all the work, tackle online travel companies, and provide Concierge Customer Service that will delight your constituents.

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The Process

STR Process Graphic

Revenue Maximization Review

True management of your short-term rental landscape starts with a rigorous revenue review

Here’s how we help:
  1. Much more thorough approach to identifying listing data
  2. Comprehensive analysis across all rental platforms
  3. Compare data against address and gross revenue audit
  4. Audit online travel companies for taxes owed against taxes paid
  5. Tap our legal team to negotiate and secure back-taxes owed

Design & Refine Ordinances

Achieve Better Revenue Collections Through Ordinance Improvement

Here’s how we help:
  1. Partner with our legal team for a best-practice regulatory approach
  2. Identify and remedy any ordinance flaws causing revenue leakage
  3. Support taxpayers and staff with education regarding ordinances

Setup & Implementation

Taxpayers File & Register—Then Your Community Collects

Key Benefits
  1. Customizable online forms based around your ordinances
  2. Ensure a superior taxpayer experience through user-centric design
  3. Save taxpayer and staff time while increasing accurate reporting via automatic calculation of fees
  4. Get paper out of the process while boosting accuracy and security
  5. Understand your market via robust universal reports on key metrics, from filings to payments to delinquencies

Concierge Customer Service & Education

Enjoy caring support for staff & taxpayers

Here's how we help:
  1. Grow satisfaction with and trust in your government via consumer-style technology tools
  2. Save your staff time by offering 24/7 assistance for ordinance, filing, and technical issues
  3. Bring delinquent taxpayers into compliance through Localgov’s caring assistance
  4. Offer a Vacation Rental Nuisance Hotline where residents can submit complaints and upload photos/videos that your team can track

Revenue Assurance & Monitoring

Localgov provides you with augmented revenue-management support

Here's how we help:
  1. Smooth flow of data between Localgov and your ERP regarding data, cashiering, and reconciliation
  2. Manage ongoing taxpayer education to increase adoption and grow taxpayer compliance (includes communications with gatekeepers and individual taxpayers; user guides, press releases, and more)
  3. Work closely with delinquent taxpayers to bring them into compliance and secure revenue

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 $44 million transacted, 4,000 active businesses, and 25,000 filings on Localgov

Localgov User: City of Collinsville, IL
Localgov User: City of Joliet, IL
Localgov User: Village of Glen Carbon, IL
Localgov User: City of Sesser, IL
Localgov User: Village of Midlothian, IL
Localgov User: City of Dayton, IL
Localgov User: Erie County, Ohio

How Quincy, Illinois Stabilized Hospitality Tax Revenue and Recovered More Than $80K

Challenge: Grow Revenue & Manage the Market

  • Poorly understood short-term rental market
  • Inconsistent, incomplete taxes paid
  • Inconvenient payment options for business owners
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How Localgov Helps:

  • Accept electronic checks/ACH, and credit or debit cards
  • Analyze payment, delinquency, and other key trends
  • Receive funds directly into municipal accounts

Meet the Team

Jason Perrry, CEO and Founder, Localgov
Jason Perry
President and CEO

I’ve built a team that delivers immense value, innovative technology solutions, and unparalleled customer service to local governments across the nation.

Aquanetta White-Olive
Customer Service Lead

As a former business owner myself, I understand the challenges faced by busy entrepreneurs. My team and I are excited to offer each taxpayer the kind of Concierge Customer Service they deserve—and we know they expect.

Tom Fagan, Senior Manager, Sales
Tom Fagan
Senior Manager, Sales

After five years I have signed more than 200 local governments for our revenue maximization programs and Localgov, the only solution that enhances the entire government experience.

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