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Find, Not Just Insights, But Meaning In Your Data

Having reliable, meaningful data isn’t just great for transparency. You can take action and use these insights to gauge how well your local businesses are doing. Spot a troubling trend, or see an opportunity to capitalize on a surge in traffic downtown? LocalGov’s powerful data insights and tailored analytics make it possible to turn Big Data into Big Action to help your local businesses and your community.

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All The Information You Need to Act, All In One Place

Business and government thrive on accurate, meaningful customer data. With LocalGov, you get intuitive insight by each industry in your community: see who’s doing well and who needs some help. See how your business’ recent performance compares to six months ago, and why. With our clear, smart and flexible data sets and visually striking presentations, you’ll get the insight and comparisons you need to succeed.

  • Transparency
  • Pattern recognition
  • Predictive analytics
  • Actionable insights
  • Highly secure

Experts Ready to Help: Together We Will Find The Answer

LocalGov’s advantage is not just detailed charts, graphs and data that provides an edge. Our award-winning team of government analysts and data experts have the proven experience to understand the data you need and help you answer the questions you have. Need a tailored set of data to attract a new project, or solve a development problem? Our LocalGov team is ready to help.

  • Expert analysts to assist
  • Partner in discovery
  • Multi-tiered approach
  • Together we will find the answer


Sales, Use and Occupation Tax Analytics

Sales tax is complex, but LocalGov makes it simple. Our comprehensive platform makes it easy for you to organize your data and get specific answers.

Government Reporting, forecasting and budgeting

Governments need to know what the future brings. LocalGov provides the insight to help you look down the road, and provides accountability to taxpayers as you present your success story.

Tax spend tracking, history and benchmarking for businesses

Demand more from your data. LocalGov’s expert tracking system and logs ensure you know what dollars are coming in today and how that compares with weeks or months ago.

Measure against other local area, county, state and federal taxes

Your data is a great tool to compete with other communities. LocalGov lets you see how you stack up and how you can get ahead for your local businesses.

Action Alerts immediately identify issues to be addressed

Overwhelmed by a data challenge? Our LocalGov expert analysts can offer another set of eyes to quickly, intelligently and powerfully solve your problem and reach your goals.

Expert consultants ready to meet your needs

LocalGov has proven experts, with the insight and experience you need, to help: polite, understanding and working to help solve your problems.

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Our City Clerk had very little extra work to do she was really thrilled with the application.

- Director of Finance

The benefit would be that there has been times in the past where the mail has either been lost or has not been received on time, and we ran into fees—issues—so being able to do it online—it was automatically processed.

- Accountant

While we are pleased with the number of citizens who took advantage of the program during its first year, we believe that participation will increase in the future as we continue to advertise this opportunity.

- Director of Finance

Localgov has been a great help to our municipality. It’s a simple platform with easy to use tools. It has definitely helped reduce a lot of the manual processing that our back office used to be tasked with. We’ve been able to reallocate those resources to other activities.

- Mayor

They were very responsive, timely, and just as excited as we were to launch this new product. I really appreciated the constant support and communication.

- Director of Finance

The Insights & Analytics feature has helped us clarify our revenue sources and help us see trends in the data so that we can proactively address potential economic pain points. It’s a new way of thinking for us.

- Finance Director

The customer service is top notch. The fact I was able to get a real person on the phone to help me file my tax form was very much appreciated.

- Restaurant Owner

As a small business it is always tedious to file taxes and registrations… too many places to go. With Localgov I go to one single site to file and pay my taxes, renew my business registration etc.… I have a clear picture of what is due when and a complete audit trail of my activity.

- Contractor

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