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For local governments in search of a consumer-style solution that makes the filing, payment, and reporting of taxes & fees hassle-free, there’s only Localgov.

Read on to learn how this flexible platform helps communities like yours maintain more predictable revenues, gain community insights, and grow trust and transparency.

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 $65 million transacted, 8,000 active businesses, and 45,000 filing on Localgov

Localgov User: City of Collinsville, IL
Localgov User: City of Joliet, IL
Localgov User: Village of Glen Carbon, IL
Localgov User: City of Sesser, IL
Localgov User: Village of Midlothian, IL
Localgov User: City of Dayton, IL
Localgov User: Erie County, Ohio

How Quincy, Illinois Stabilized Hospitality Tax Revenue and Recovered More Than $80K

Challenge: Grow Revenue & Manage the Market

  • Poorly understood short-term rental market
  • Inconsistent, incomplete taxes paid
  • Inconvenient payment options for business owners
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How Localgov Helps:

  • Accept electronic checks/ACH, and credit or debit cards
  • Analyze payment, delinquency, and other key trends
  • Receive funds directly into municipal accounts

What Localgov Will Do For Your Local Government


Optimize Resources & Time

Local governments have to stretch resources more than ever, while offering additional services and support. But if you’re stuck with an outdated tax administration system, employees spend more time opening envelopes and processing paper forms and checks than helping taxpayers. Localgov’s all-digital solution offers you flexibility as you steer your municipality into the future.

  • Significantly reduce paperwork while increasing accuracy and security.
  • Reallocate staff toward more high-value tasks helping taxpayers.
  • Offer taxpayers an intuitive, consumer-style online payment solution.
  • Develop customizable forms that reflect your community's ordinances.

Embrace New Business Developments

Entrepreneurs are always dreaming up new products and markets. Services such as short-term rentals are booming, but it’s tough for municipalities to track and monetize these services. But with Localgov, you can gain control over developing markets while offering these business owners easy-to-use remittance tools that help them stay compliant.

  • Get help developing and following cogent, comprehensive ordinances for new business sectors, such as short-term rental.
  • Connect short-term rental hosts with a simple way to register with your municipality.
  • Offer automatic calculation of fees to save time and increase accurate reporting, plus a secure way to pay.
  • Receive detailed reports about the development and growth of your short-term rental market.

Gain Key Insights That Offer Control

Having the right data only matters when you can thoughtfully analyze that information. With Localgov’s powerful data insights and tailored analytics, municipalities can keep close watch on today’s trends and anticipate tomorrow’s revenues.

  • Benefit from our award-winning team of analysts.
  • Compare and contrast data using our clear, flexible data sets.
  • Experience visually-striking reports that convey real meaning.
  • Gain real understanding of tax-remittance history and track delinquencies.
  • Set informed forecasts and create actionable benchmarks along the way.

Manage Exemptions and Relay Tax Refunds & Rebates

When taxpayers are due refunds, they don’t want to wait. Rather than taking up staff time on these time-consuming tasks, Localgov makes it easy to facilitate tax refunds more quickly.

  • Increase taxpayer confidence and satisfaction by minimizing refund-processing time.
  • Monitor local government exemptions.
  • Manage multi-jurisdictional exemptions for businesses.
  • Access our white-glove customer service team whenever you need them.

Customer Care for Local Governments and Taxpayers

At Localgov, we understand the need for quick advice that truly solves problems. Our team of customer-support staff is available for municipal and county staff, as well as your taxpayers.

  • Grow confidence in your taxpayer community that they can get caring help when they need it.
  • Transform the reputation of local government by connecting taxpayers with timely solutions.
  • Reassure staff that your government's shift to digitization will be supported by our professional services team.
  • Save your staff time and resources when taxpayers access Localgov’s customer support rather than your internal team.

Download our customer service program presentation to learn more!

What are Taxpayers Saying?

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate a call from a live person who was so professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I look forward to filing my Sunset Beach monthly taxes online."

Claudius Edmond Huggins Jr.
Short-Term Rental Business Owner
Sunset Beach, North Carolina


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Jason Perrry, CEO and Founder, Localgov
Jason Perry
President and CEO

I’ve built a team that delivers immense value, innovative technology solutions, and unparalleled customer service to municipalities across the nation.

Ted Kamel
Senior Vice President

The aspect I love most about my job is the people and civic-centered lifestyle. I enjoy stopping by for face-to-face visits, participating in local community activities, and if there’s a grievance, being there to listen and respond.

Aquanetta White-Olive - Lead, Customer Service
Aquanetta White-Olive
Lead, Customer Service

As a former business owner myself, I understand the challenges faced by busy entrepreneurs. My team and I are excited to offer each taxpayer the kind of Concierge Customer Service they deserve—and we know they expect.

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