Short-Term Rental Administration

Register, File, Collect

The popularity of short-term rentals is bringing about new challenges for many communities. As these services gain in popularity, local governments around the country are forced to change how they tax and regulate where people stay. Localgov's new short-term rental management tools and services will help you gain back control by ensuring compliance and capturing revenue.

Localgov's short-term rental tax software

Simplify Registration and Tax Filing

Localgov makes it easy for hosts to register their properties and provides a secure portal for filing and paying their taxes. Automatic assignment of late fees, penalties and interest ensures compliance while our reporting module provides insight into who's delinquent in paying, payment history and account settlement.

  • Easy registration
  • Secured filing and payment
  • Automatic calculation of fees
  • Robust reporting

Experts Here to Help You.

Our in-house expertise with short-term rentals includes attorneys and analysts who are well-versed with the laws and regulations impacting STRs. We will consult with you to develop and implement the proper ordinances that capture the full rental market. We also provide short term rental monitoring and review so hosts of new vacation rentals will be registered and stay compliant.

  • Experts here to help you navigate your STR challenges
  • Development and implementation of ordinances
  • Review and monitoring
  • Live, over-the-phone customer service


Easy Registration and Secure Payments

Tax payments should be easy, hassle-free and automated. Localgov makes that possible, seamlessly.

Ensures Compliance

Automatic assignment of late fees, penalties and interest ensures your community will receive every dollar due.


Our expert staff will work with you to develop and implement the right ordinances to capture the full rental market.

Sales, Use and Occupation Taxes

At the core of your workload: comprehensive, custom and just the beginning of better days to come.

Sales, Use and Occupation Taxes

At the core of your workload: comprehensive, custom and just the beginning of better days to come.

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Tax collection has always been a hassle. But our City Clerk reports that all changed with Localgov. The application is easy to use, and solves problems quickly.”

- Finance Director

When you do taxes by mail, you run into problems. Payments get lost or delayed, and then we have to tack on late fees. Localgov makes it easy for businesses to pay on time online, and we get the payments we need to make our city run. It really couldn’t be easier.”

- Accountant

We were impressed with the number of businesses who took advantage of Localgov’s excellent service this year. We’re confident it will only grow, and as it does, we all win.”

- Finance Director

Localgov is a godsend for communities like ours. We’re not collecting and pouring over tax documents in the back office by hand anymore, and chasing down payments just to keep things going. The tax dollars roll in, and we can work with our businesses when we see any changes with their performance. We’re using the time and resources we used to spend on taxes to better serve our citizens.”

- Mayor

Localgov isn’t just a tax software system. It’s hiring a consulting team to support our businesses, and get more out of our tax data and collection than we ever thought possible. They made it easy to set up and roll out the program and have always been there with the right advice at the right time when we needed help. It’s a tremendous partnership.”

- Director of Finance

When local businesses struggle, our community suffers. With Localgov, we can spot trouble signs and reach out to the businesses to find a solution. This isn’t just about collecting tax money. It’s about strengthening the partnership that builds our community, day after day. Localgov’s Insights and Analytics are a real game-changer.”

- Director of Finance

I’m focused on preparing the best food at the best price possible, not paying my taxes. Localgov has helped me see this process not as a burden, but as a way to identify what’s not working to bring people in and try to fix it. And when I have a tax filing question, the Localgov team is always courteous and professional, and makes it all painless.”

- Restaurant Owner

It’s hard to be in business for yourself, with so many tax and registration forms to file in different places at different times. Localgov is not just a benefit to the community, it’s a really valuable tool for business owners like me. I know what I owe and when, easy and clearly. And if there are any questions, there’s a clear trail to show what I paid, when and why. Everything should be done like this.”

- Contractor

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