Tax and Fee Administration

Trade Paper for Performance

Your workplace is much different today than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Your tax collections shouldn’t be stuck in the 20th Century. Ditch the paper and embrace the convenience of automated, streamlined data at your fingertips. Cut costs, increase your revenue, and make it easier than ever to pay and collect local taxes. Localgov is your modern-day tax collector.


Redefining Government, with Performance Your Community Can Count On

Government often feels clumsy to your customers, but it shouldn’t be. With Localgov, you’ll redefine the government experience: simple, easy, modern and fast tax payments, with confidence that the job is done right the first time. It’s automation with a human touch, and puts customer satisfaction first.

  • Simple and Easy
  • Built to be friendly
  • Customizable forms
  • Reliable payment processing
  • Automation with a human touch

Community. Service. Innovation. A Perfect Match

Want the convenience of Localgov and the support to make it all work? We offer a full-service staff to personalize the taxpaying experience – accommodating your customers, and raising the bar for service in government. Best of all, we handle all the legwork to make it a smooth transition for you.

  • Live, over-the-phone customer service
  • Extension of your internal staff
  • Third Party Administration
  • Boots on the ground support
  • Not just software


User friendly for local governments and businesses

Tax payments should be easy, hassle-free and automated. Localgov makes that possible, seamlessly.

Integrates with your ERP/GL/financial software

Localgov is completely compatible with your existing financial software, making the transition secure, seamless and worry-free.

Works across multiple jurisdictions - nationwide

Localgov is built with compatibility in mind. Our software works in governments nationwide, allowing everyone to cut costs, increase revenue and simplify tax collections.

Ensures compliance

Never worry about complying with tax laws again. Localgov is collaborative, accessible and supported to ensure you’re meeting your legal obligations.

One-on-one customer service and support

Get the individualized customer service you need, with knowledgeable, friendly and accessible advice and troubleshooting you deserve.

Smart Helper Classes

Our CSS classes help to add spacing, justify text, hide elements at various screen sizes and much more.
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Our City Clerk had very little extra work to do she was really thrilled with the application.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

While we are pleased with the number of citizens who took advantage of the program during its first year, we believe that participation will increase in the future as we continue to advertise this opportunity.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

They were very responsive, timely, and just as excited as we were to launch this new product. I really appreciated the constant support and communication.

- Tammy K. Ammann, Director of Finance, City of Collinsville

The benefit would be that there has been times in the past where the mail has either been lost or has not been received on time, and we ran into fees—issues—so being able to do it online—it was automatically processed.

- Erin Lemke, Accountant for Darcy Hyundai, Joliet IL

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