Local Government Workforce Issues Solved with Web-Based Tools

by Localgov Digital Transformation Team, on August 5, 2021 at 10:23 AM

Generational trends mean you need to take action now

We’re hearing from our customers that it's harder than ever to retain and secure great staff members. The turnover trend means a loss of institutional knowledge and a strain on services.

And it's not just our customers; municipalities are having a hard time everywhere. Check out these facts:

  • National League of Cities reports that 39% of local-government leaders say retirement-eligible employees are accelerating retirement dates. The survey NLC cites also says that 27% of municipalities are making telework/flex schedule options permanent.

  • Accounting firm Cherry Bekaert LLP's survey finds that more than a third of local governments expect post-pandemic employee turnover. And a quarter cite lack of work-from-home flexibility as an impediment to recruiting.

  • Ernst & Young 54% of employees would consider quitting their jobs if they didn't have workplace flexibility—and that's twice as likely for Millennials as Boomers.

With the job market in flux, and budgets always tight, local governments need to find ways to compete other than salary.


Consider these ways to to attract and retain dynamic local government employees:

  • Add web-based technology solutions that help facilitate online services for constituents. Many constituents prefer accessing government services online and on their terms.

  • Modernize paper-based processes. So many municipalities and counties are still relying on printed forms and constituent checks—and that ties employees to the back office.

  • Facilitate employee experience through cross-training. Analog processes tie up too much time, but going digital frees up staff to take on other skills and responsibilities.

Our tax-and-fee administration platform, Localgov, was designed precisely to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized municipalities and their employees. 

Struggling with taxpayer compliance?

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Here's how Localgov helps:

  • All-digital service through a secure web-based system that can be accessed 24/7 by taxpayers or local government employees.
  • Quicker, more steady flow of revenue into government coffers that makes planning easier.
  • Can handle the complex remittance needs of municipalities and counties, such as splitting assessments or levies between taxing bodies.
  • Tackle the needs of recovering industries, such as short-term rental, hotel-motel, and sales tax.

Let’s talk about how Localgov can help you rise above staffing issues, satisfy the changing needs of Millennial and Gen Z workers, while offering even more convenience to taxpayers. 

Schedule your demo today. We’re happy to help.

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