Helping Muskegon County Gain Market Insights and Grow TOT Revenue

by Shylo Bisnett, on April 19, 2021 at 11:58 AM

Our newest customer is Muskegon County, Michigan. This collection of bustling communities, such as Muskegon, Norton Shores, and Montague, is home to nearly 175,000 residents who enjoy life along the Lake Michigan coast.

We are excited to help Muskegon County take control over its revenue in growing tourism sectors, such as Airbnb, vrbo, and HomeAway rentals. Our team will help this region uncover the true revenue potential of its short-term rental and transient-lodging taxes.

In addition, we’re excited to connect Muskegon County taxpayers with our online tax payment and registration platform. Easy to use and secure, Localgov offers short-term rental hosts a quick way to register and pay—and get in compliance with local laws and regulations quickly.

About Muskegon County, Michigan

Learn more about this beautiful region of Michigan.

  • The area was settled extensively by multiple indigenous groups, such as the Ottawa, Ojibwe, and Pottawatomi, including the legendary Ottawa leader, Pendalouan. 

  • Offering both warm-weather and cold-season outdoor recreation, the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park is a beloved spot for adventurers. Explore archery, luge, cross-county skiing, zip-lining, and a whole lot more. 

  • Want to visit Muskegon from the other side of Lake Michigan? Skip the traffic and take the ferry from Milwaukee. It’s an experience you’ll enjoy, in style. 


It’s your turn

When is the last time your community reviewed the short-term rental market? It’s quite likely that you’re missing out on revenue from undiscovered short-term rental properties. There are dozens to keep track of—learn more about this issue.

Take the opportunity to add Localgov to your mix of taxpayer technologies. Our online tax registration and payment solution helps taxpayers quickly comply with your rules and regulations, saves them time and money, and offers payment options that work for their business.

Explore recent case studies for Erie County, Ohio and Hudson, New York to learn how we have helped communities like yours manage and monetize short-term and transient rentals.

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