Time’s Almost Up With CARES Act Deadlines Approaching

by Shylo Bisnett, on December 2, 2020 at 12:25 PM

Will your municipality get all the benefits it deserves?

Communities have just over a month to earmark dollars secures through the CARES Act. But so many communities still haven’t identified projects that maximize allocated funds.

The next few weeks promise to be busy as municipalities work to identify reimbursable projects or investments. But constituents wonder why there are so many delays. Well, it’s complicated.

For municipalities overseeing rental-assistance and small-businesses relief programs, the documentation burden can seem overwhelming to potential applicants. In El Paso, Texas, one administrator points out that, “people most at risk are least likely to have [Internet access] and other resources.” 


But whether unused funds are due to potential applicants simply not knowing about the programs or internecine battles over division of monies, right now there is no planned extension of the December deadline.

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We understand that your team is hard at work to make sure not one cent of your CARES funds gets returned or denied. Schedule some time to speak with our consultants to see whether your situation might be covered under emergency dollars. Let’s talk.

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