New Client Announcement: Sunset Beach, North Carolina

by Shylo Bisnett, on February 12, 2021 at 8:32 AM

As the short-term rental industry has grown, visitors have been able to discover charming communities all across the United States. One of those destinations is Sunset Beach, NC.

Tucked just north of the border between the Carolinas and straddling the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, Sunset Beach is a bit of perfection that lives up to its name. Travelers have long sought out this town, but growth had been stymied by the one-lane swing bridge that restricted the flow of traffic in and out of Sunset Beach. But in 2010, the bridge, which would close for ten minutes every hour to let boats pass, was replaced by an ultramodern flyover that allowed for a free flow of cars between Sunset Beach and the rest of the county. Tourism boomed, and so did population.

Sunset Beach, North Carolina

How Localgov is Helping 

Localgov is excited to partner with Sunset Beach on its short-term rental administration. It can be a challenge for communities to keep up with the developments of this hundred-billion-dollar industry, and through Localgov, Sunset Beach will now be in the driver’s seat.

With a consumer-style registration and payment platform, Localgov helps communities support and monetize its short-term rental industry. Plus, through deep data insights and ordinance reviews, its finance leaders can make sure they have a thorough understanding of this market.

A Look at Sunset Beach, NC

  • While the Sunset Beach Swing Bridge is no longer in use, visitors can learn all about it and tread on its planks at the Sunset Beach Swing Bridge & Museum.

  • For stargazers and learners of all ages, the Ingram Planetarium deserves a spot on your itinerary. Laser shows, educational programs, and space exploration. 

  • Just outside Sunset Beach is Bird Island. Through the dogged efforts of environmentalists and residents, this unique landscape has been protected as a Coastal Reserve. Home to sand dunes, salt marshes, shrub thickets, and more, Bird Island offers refuge for a stunning array of waterfowl, mammals, and the threatened loggerhead turtle. 

How’s Your Short-Term Rental Market?

Make sure you’re driving your community’s vacation-rental market. With Localgov, you can enjoy:

  • Comprehensive review of your short-term rental market, including discovering under-the-radar listings and misdirected revenue.
  • Legal help to review, draft, or refine short-term rental ordinances.
  • A consumer-style registration and payment platform that makes it easy for hosts to comply with your ordinances.
  • Concierge Customer Service by our team that provides care for your hosts, freeing up municipal staff.

Set up a time to consult with our team about your area's challenges and concerns regarding short-term rental. Let's talk.

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