North Chicago looks to Localgov for its online tax compliance needs

by Tom Fagan, on July 29, 2021 at 3:21 PM

Localgov will facilitate, process, and monitor online taxes and fees for North Chicago

We are excited to welcome North Chicago to the Localgov tax-and-fee administration platform. But they’re not a new customer, exactly.

North Chicago is a customer of our parent company Azavar, a nationally renowned firm specializing in local government revenue review and maximization. In fact, Azavar recently performed a comprehensive audit for North Chicago and made some incredible findings for this community of 30,000.

During a routine audit of utility taxes, we reclaimed $60,000 in back taxes—and corrected errors in the city’s favor that led to $800,000 in additional revenue each year.

And those revenue gains will continue through North Chicago’s participation in Localgov. Soon, North Chicago taxpayers will be able to pay a range of taxes and fees, such as: storage-facility taxes, food and beverage taxes, motor fuel taxes, and hotel-motel taxes. 

This business-friendly tax-and-fee administration platform offers several key advantages:

Quicker tax remittance

When taxpayers remit fees via Localgov, North Chicago receives those funds ASAP—usually in daily batches of more predictable revenue. Rather than wait weeks or months for cash, finance leaders can keep a keen eye on compliance and make more informed plans.

More compliance, more revenue

When it’s convenient for taxpayers to remit funds, they do. Because Localgov is an online system, taxpayers don't have to mail in paper checks or queue up in lines at city hall. They’re empowered to pay when it works for them, using the method that works best for their business (ACH, debit, or credit).

More workplace flexibility

As a web-based software tool, Localgov offers municipalities choice. You don’t need to be at a licensed terminal in the office to access Localgov, so it’s perfect for remote employees using your VPN. Rock-solid and secure, Localgov keeps your taxpayer data safe, while facilitating connection wherever you need it.


Ready to Join North Chicago?

Learn more about how your municipality can speed its digitization strategy, boost revenue through compliance, and empower today’s more flexible workforce—all with Localgov. Schedule a short call with our local revenue and technology specialists today.

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