Celebrating Aquanetta: Customer Service Team Lead

by Shylo Bisnett, on January 7, 2021 at 12:41 PM

Thanks for your first year at Localgov, Aqua.

Aqua-headshotIn her year with Localgov, Aquanetta White-Olive has utterly transformed our customer-service team. And we wouldn’t have expected anything else from a woman who spent decades shaping the coifs of customers across Chicago. We’re excited and proud to introduce you to this special woman who leads our customer-service team.

When she was a young wife and mother, Aquanetta (Aqua, for short) experienced the first in what would be a lifelong embrace of transitions. She felt a growing desire to become a cosmetologist. She accomplished this goal, and eventually owned her own salon. Aqua understood, innately, how the right hairstyle could make people feel more positive and powerful. This involves listening to the client and applying both creativity and skill to achieving that shared goal.

Later in life, she felt the call of change again. This time, it was college. But she was hesitant at first. “‘What would I even go to school for?’ I thought, ‘Not at this late age,’” Aqua reflects. “The thought of going to college, returning to a classroom setting was daunting, but a voice said, ‘It's your time.’” Over the next several years, Aqua excelled in college, leading student teams, achieving high grades, even receiving invitations to join several sororities. She achieved a degree in business administration with honors, while also managing her own family, work, and aging parents.


When the Localgov team looked for a new head of customer service, we were overjoyed to find Aqua. Her decades of experience in keen listening and team building combined with palpable empathy result in the high level of white-glove service Localgov aspires to provide. “When I came aboard, I immediately learned all about the technical aspects of Localgov and the needs of our customers and their taxpayers,” says Aqua. She busied herself with rapid onboarding and soon assembled the team of customer-service rock stars that currently serves our clients around the clock.

I don’t believe in being afraid. I love challenges and take them head on.”

Aqua draws back on her experience as a business owner frequently when training her team and solving service issues. “It’s hard to run a business. You can tell when owners are nervous or stressed. What we do is more than satisfy their needs that day,” she says. “We soothe them. We establish a rapport. They feel cared for.” During this very difficult year, Aqua and her team helped so many businesses understand Localgov, get set up with the platform, and remit taxes safely and securely.

We are thankful for Aqua’s leadership and service. She is a valued team member not only for her customer-service expertise, but also her example as a lifelong learner willing to reinvent herself and pursue new goals and challenges. Her parting words? “I don’t believe in being afraid. I love challenges and take them head on.”

Thanks for your first year at Localgov, Aqua. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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