Administer & collect telecom taxes online—free for all Missouri communities

With Localgov, your municipality receives telecom taxes owed within your boundaries via direct deposit. No more processing checks! Plus, taxpayers benefit from added convenience and customer service provided by our team. 

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Here's How it Works

A Complete Look At All Local Telecom Taxes

Companies like AT&T, Verizon and others are funding Localgov for Missouri municipalities to make it easy for taxpayers to stay current and communities to maintain consistent revenues. With Localgov, you’ll see complete customer rolls for all telecoms in your area.

Taxes are calculated automatically based on your local ordinances. All taxpayers need to do is log on, make a payment, and go. The result? Taxpayers remit on time, and your municipality wastes less time tracking down late fees. 

Easy Account Set Up

In just a few minutes, you can set up your Localgov municipal account. You'll have access to all the telecom providers doing business in your area. The information you get is easy to understand and can be quickly imported into your accounting system. You’ll be able to see which customers are current or delinquent—and then, our team goes to work managing past-due accounts on your behalf.

Receive Secure Fund Transfers

When you sign up for your free Localgov account, telecom taxes go from the taxpayer to you in a snap. It helps shore up your fiscal picture with no hassle required. Plus, taxpayers appreciate the ability to remit payment by ACH draft, credit cards, electronic check, etc.


What Localgov Offers Your Municipality 

Say Goodbye to Paperwork

Localgov can completely automate your tax process making paper tax filing systems obsolete. 

Use Time Wisely

Localgov helps automate tedious tasks that used to take hours so staff time can be spent more effectively.

Boost Revenue

When it’s easier for businesses to pay taxes, your community receives more revenue. It’s a win-win.

Clearer Picture

Localgov shows you which businesses are current or delinquent, then our team communicates with them on your behalf.

Track Results

Follow the results and trends of your community's tax revenues in a variety of given time periods.

One-on-one Support

Our team of service experts stand ready to provide kind and careful assistance for your team and your taxpayers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Increase telecom tax payment compliance with this free, easy-to-use service

Missouri municipalities! Now you can have easy access to telecom taxes paid by your residents. Your local telecom providers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) have contracted with Localgov to provide you with this helpful service.

All you have to do is connect—and then collect.