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360-Degree Revenue Maximization and Compliance Program

Find Thousands in Lost Revenue

We discover and correct tax and fee remittance errors which returns revenues to your community and guarantees that you receive every penny you are due. Contingency-based, risk-free, and our team does all the work.
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25 Years of Best Practices

Rapidly changing markets and technologies make it difficult for governments to quickly adapt policy. We reinforce your local ordinances to ensure they bring the most value to your community.
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The Support You Deserve

Proven success in providing exceptional municipal and constituent customer support. We are more than a vendor, we are your partner and an extension of your staff.
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Peace of Mind

Success starts with a plan for the future. Don't worry about monitoring or managing your revenue streams. Localgov, our self-auditing digital platform, streamlines tax and fee collection and maintains compliance moving forward.
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Recover Past, Present, and Future Tax Income.

Azavar provides comprehensive revenue review services that draw on our specialist expertise and cutting-edge technology to recover millions of dollars in unpaid revenue. We recover past-due taxes retroactively and assure more accurate tax and fee collections moving forward.

  • Examine your tax receipts, franchises, and utility bills, using our technology-based audit systems.
  • Seek out instances where money owed has been incorrectly calculated, improperly collected, or remitted to the wrong authority.
  • Geographic analysis and address matching to correct the errors in address databases used by taxpayers.
  • Auditing team works retroactively, rooting out past errors that lead to refunds and also ensuring maximum, accurate revenue for the future.
  • We only work with municipalities—Azavar is not compensated by a utility provider, so there is no conflict of interest in our business operations.
  • We work on a contingency fee basis, so– our clients bear no up-front costs.
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One Place, Limitless Solutions

Localgov is the innovative approach to tax collection and accountability software that will boost local revenue, taxpayer confidence and give you new tools to support your businesses like never before.

Tax and Fee Administration

Trade Paper for Performance

  • Built to be friendly
  • Customizable forms
  • Reliable payment processing
  • Boots on the ground support
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Short-Term Rental Administration

Register, File, Collect

  • Easy registration
  • Secured filing and payment
  • Automatic calculation of fees
  • Robust reporting
  • Development and implementation of ordinances
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Insights & Analytics

Find Meaning In Your Data

  • Award-winning team of analysts
  • Predictive analytics
  • Sales, Use and Occupation Tax Analytics
  • Government Reporting, Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Tax Spend Tracking, History and Benchmarking for Businesses
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COVID-19 Resource Hub

State and local governments are on the frontline of this crisis. Maintaining critical services and protecting your citizens has been your #1 priority. We have been committed to providing valuable information to support you during these difficult times. 

Social Distancing on Bench

This is What Communities Are Doing to Encourage Social Distancing

In the wake of Covid-19, local governments are faced with the responsibility and challenge of slowing the spread of the virus in their community. Leaders from across the country have shared with Localgov their unique tactics for encouraging or enforcing social distancing.

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Community Hope

Getting Coronavirus Relief Funds for Your Community Starts NOW

Last week, the United States Congress passed and the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Many resources were included in this package to assist local governments across the country through this crisis.

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Community Coming Together

10 Things You Can Do to Help Your Community Through the COVID-19 Crisis

State and local governments are on the frontline of this crisis. Here are a few ideas for how local leaders can help their communities restore morale and stability during this time.

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Maximizing Revenue Recovery for
Reopening Economies

Bring more money to your bottom line, faster and reduce costs where it makes sense— protecting your critical services.

  1.  Find thousands in lost tax income through our contingency based revenue reviews
  2. Streamline tax & fee collection + maintain ongoing compliance through Localgov's self-auditing digital platform
  3. Expert grant consultants to secure the disaster funds you deserve
  4. Rest knowing your taxpayers are in good hands with our exceptional 24/7 customer service support for taxpayers
financial recovery program

Information-Packed Disaster Relief Funding Webinar

Submit Your Grants the Right Way at the Right Time

For communities that don't have the fast-acting resources or systems in place to successfully receive disaster grant funds, we have expert consultants that will manage your entire grant process.

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Localgov Success Stories

Jason Ashmore is living proof that Localgov Insights and Analytics is a game changer.

They were more than happy to help me. Everything's right at your fingertips. Anytime you need something, they're right here for you. So far, it's doing everything we need it to. 110 percent, I'd recommend them.

Jason Ashmore
Mayor of Sesser County, IL


Benefits for Sesser County:

  • Access to all information about local businesses' sales tax performance.
  • Track tax receipts and trends.
  • Excellent customer service.

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Erie County employees and end-users alike have enjoyed the benefits of the new streamlined process.

Some of the other software vendors said they could produce reports or provide certain features, but when it came down to seeing their demos, they weren't true to their word. When we looked at the Localgov features and reporting, and got to communicate with their staff, that really made the difference because they were willing to work with us. It was great. It really streamlined everything and we were able to get rid of our manual system.

Brenda Hurst
Chief Fiscal Officer
Erie County, OH


Benefits for Erie County:

  • Streamlined process and replaced manual system.
  • More jurisdictions want to join the program.
  • Taxpayers are happy with Localgov's user-friendly features.

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