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It is common for local governments to acquire multiple legacy systems over the years and have no choice but to jerry-rig them to work together. Managing these systems is inefficient and can strain your resources.

Localgov is the only solution that advances the entire government experience.

Our clients bring us on to digitize and streamline their tax collection process and ensure they are bringing in the revenue they deserve. We can start by finding you money; whether it is Sales Tax, Franchise Tax audits, or Short-Term Rental compliance, we make sure those streams of revenue are flowing for years to come.

Our partnership comes with a professional support team of analysts, customer service representatives, consultants, and lawyers who do all the work for you. We also help pass ordinances and share our best practices gathered throughout our 25 years of helping local governments. Explore all of the Localgov features here!

User-friendly digital platform streamlines tax and fee collection

Vehicle Registration, Business License, Utility Tax, Short-Term Rental Compliance, Hotel/Motel Tax, F/B Tax and much more

Insights & Analytics for government reporting, forecasting and budgeting includes future developments, zoning and special Sales Tax districts

5,000+ audits for 350 municipalities 

Contingency based audit program—if we don't find money, there is no cost to you

Our full-service professional support staff does all the work

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Ted Kamel Vice President of Azavar

A contract signed means a forever client to me. My clients have to know that our relationship is meaningful and that it goes way beyond finding them money.”

Ted Kamel
Senior Vice President, Azavar

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