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During your personalized demo with our team leader, you’ll learn about all the ways your community will benefit from modernizing your lodging revenue-management solution:

  • Property Compliance: We comb through all necessary records and use geographical analysis tools to guarantee accurate data for your jurisdiction.
  • Online Remittance: Permitting, licensing, filing, payment, and reporting are facilitated on Localgov's digital platform.
  • Customizable Forms: Our user-friendly online forms reflect your community’s ordinances and automatically calculate interest and fees.
  • Municipal Portal: Identify late or no payment taxpayers to be able to follow-up and secure revenue that has not been realized in the past.
  • Robust Reporting: Report on tax filings, settlements, payment history, and delinquencies.
  • ERP Integration: Output of data from Localgov will flow into your ERP to handle all data, cashiering, and reconciliation.
  • Concierge Customer Service: Our caring taxpayer and municipal assistance reduces staff hours spent on tax processing, filing, and phone calls by up to 70%.
  • 24/7 Vacation Rental Nuisance Hotline: Constituents submit formal complaints, upload photos/videos, and our staff delivers a report.

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