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Keep Your Revenue Flowing During Times of Emergency

Localgov is the only one-stop revenue management solution that advances the entire government experience. Our modern technology reduces government costs by digitizing paper-based processes—decreasing the time it takes to collect taxes by up to 90%.

88% of cities are anticipating a revenue shortfall. Sales Taxes, Utility Fees, and Permitting Fees were flagged as some of the largest revenue declines. Join over 350 communities and start our revenue review program. We identify errors in your tax revenue streams and collect on your behalf. 

5,000+ revenue reviews and collections for more than 350 municipalities

Full support team of customer service representatives, award-winning analysts, grant writers, and lawyers do all the work for you

Streamline Vehicle Registration, Business License, Utility Tax, Hotel/Motel Tax, F/B Tax and much more

100% secure payments, PCI and NACHA compliant

Government reporting, forecasting and budgeting

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